Micro Modal : What is it?

It's super soft, natural, more sustainable than cotton and is crazy comfortable too! So maybe it is time you tried Micro Modal


In recent years there has been a growth in the use of alternative fabrics to cotton in men's underwear as guys expect more from their underwear and are looking for increased comfort and added value. Whilst cotton has and continues to be the most popular choice guys are discovering the benefits of wearing different fabrics

Micro Modal is one of the emerging trends in men's underwear after having become popular in women's underwear in the 1990's. It is a natural fibre made from the pulp of beech trees and was first developed in Europe back in the early 20th Century. Due to its natural origins it has some similar properties too cotton but in general has been proven to perform better than cotton in areas such as moisture wicking, heat regulation and durability.

Men’s luxury underwear is having a moment right now. More than just a functional piece of fabric, micro modal underwear is growing in popularity as more men are experiencing the value of adding it to their daily lineup.


Naturally Soft Micro Modal Briefs on Matty Carrington


And, yes, we acknowledge we’re talking about underwear here, the most basic layer in a man’s wardrobe. But given it’s the first layer on your body each morning (provided you didn’t skip laundry day), the guys who do decide to amp up their underwear and spend a little extra can’t help but feel they’re wearing a dream on their derriere.

Not Your Average Underwear

Premium men’s underwear doesn’t even belong in the same drawer as your basic tighty whities. Micro modal underwear is the mark of fine craftsmanship and is quickly becoming the insignia of the modern gentlemen. It’s an investment in self worth and esteem, an appreciation of the finer things in life, and an experiment in comfort. Once you don a pair, you’ll instantly feel the difference.

Micro modal underwear is becoming the go-to choice for all of the above, thanks to the smooth, silky texture your body deserves. It’s a feeling that other fabrics and manufacturers try to replicate by blending various (cheaper) fibers, but the result is never quite the same.

When you slide on a pair of luxury micro modal underwear, you’re automatically part of an elite group of refined gentlemen who appreciate the difference in fit, function, and comfort, and aren’t afraid to admit it.

Fall in Love with Micro Modal Fabric

Let’s get down to the details: what makes micro modal fabric so damn special? 

We’ll start with the structural integrity (yes, that’s a major consideration in men’s underwear).

Men’s micro modal underwear has actually taken a whole heap of engineering to get just the right balance of form, function, and longevity, and the result is pure bliss. Take a closer look at its dimensional structure and you’ll find a complex weaving of fibers that allow for maximum breathability and movability without sacrificing durability.




Simply put, this underwear was built to last longer. The elasticity of the fabric is designed to contour to your form over time, even as you’re chasing gains in the gym or sculpting your frame. And despite the finer-to-the-touch feel, it’s as tough and durable as you are and can stand up to your biggest challenges like a second (and more luxurious) skin.

Form AND Function

Do you want to look great or be comfortable? It’s the ultimate sacrifice for most men, as it’s almost impossible to achieve both. But micro modal fabric  was designed as a satisfying outcome for both camps so that sacrifice is never an option.

Aside from its high-quality texture, micro modal is designed to fit better than your typical pair. Cheaper fabrics like cotton or supposed luxe-type blends don’t stretch the same way, and tend to hang limp and loose after several wears. Not micro modal. Premium fabrics are called premium for a reason, and in this case, it’s because of the way it can snap back to its original size and form and survive wash after wash with no signs of wear or tear.


Of course, we can’t talk about underwear without addressing the ‘function’ aspect, and micro modal has you covered there, too. Men need and deserve underwear that performs under pressure, and lux fabrics like micro modal are guaranteed to satisfy. The soft silky waistband is made for all-day comfort and stays in place without digging into your skin. Every pair responds to sweat, movement, and stretching (and all the frequent washings that come with it).

Whether you’re an athlete working out on the court or field for hours, a chef who’s slaving away in the kitchen for hours, or even a desk jockey spending most of your waking hours in front of a computer, you need underwear that moves with you and avoids the pitfalls of wearing cheap undies, like chafing, odours, and rashes.

Discover the Hidden Luxuries of Micro Modal Men’s Underwear

Underwear should be an experience, not a chore, so give your body what it deserves. Soft, supportive, and high performing, our line of micro modal men’s underwear includes subdued tones in a variety of fits that leave you wanting for nothing. Our tonal branding and low key logo print are as understated as our colour palette, yet ensure you’re getting nothing short of an authentic, quality product.


Paul Forman wearing BANG&STRIKE Micro Modal Desert Fly Trunks


Step up your underwear game to the rich, premium, engineered design of micro modal men’s luxury underwear, and never look back 


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