But modern times bring modern problems, and a modern man needs modern underwear… And whilst both styles are highly popular, they have their pros and cons…


Boxers (or rather, boxer briefs) may now be considered the more ‘conventional’ choice, but it was only in the ’90s that they became popular with Calvin Klein’s famous Mark Wahlberg advert. Before that, your small ‘tight’ briefs, big baggy boxer shorts, or long johns were your only options. The revolutionary boxer brief was invented when Calvin Klein designer John Varvatos took the long john and chopped a bit off. Then he rolled with it. And now look at us! 

The boxer brief filled a gap in the market – between the more restrictive brief and the let-it-all-hang-loose boxer short, it offered support but with movement. Often they have a pouch built into the front, unlike the boxer short, to position your vitals and hold them more or less in place. What’s more, as Mark Wahlberg demonstrated, they look pretty good too.

The original boxer brief extended almost down to the knee, but modern styles are split between mid-thigh leg, and the more appealing shorter styles. You can also choose between standard waist and low-rise waists – meaning that really, the only difference between some styles of boxer briefs and actual briefs is a tiny bit extra fabric on the leg..

Boxer briefs are more modest than briefs, fully covering your butt, crotch, and the tops of your legs – and for that reason they’re often the choice for guys conscious of their body. Fitted styles are always better though, no matter the body shape, as you want to accentuate your assets. If you want mid-length boxers with a comfortable fit and attractive designs  Tommy Hilfiger is one designer that has released some great trunk styles recently. Emporio Armani and Diesel have both taken up the challenge of spicing up the classic boxer brief in their own stylish ways too – from Armani’s use of miniature logos to Diesel’s crisp Fresh & Bright stripes, there’s no reason not to add interest to your undies drawer!



Briefs have come along way since the awful Y-fronts. Originally preferable to the boxer short for their supportive nature and more minimal style – they have since become as much a fashion piece as a ‘necessity’. Again – thanks to the work of Calvin Klein. Nowadays there are a huge variety but given the limited amount of fabric to actually work with – there are some obvious styles to choose from.

Briefs typically vary in waistband height – low-rise briefs, or hip briefs, sit low on your hips – covering your modesty (and pubic line) still but leaving less to the imagination. This, plus waistband width, also impacts on the amount of material on the leg. The extreme – nothing but a waistband at the side – is called a tanga brief. Most low-rise briefs will still have a thin strip though – and when it comes to briefs, less can be more!

There’s no doubt that briefs can offer more sex appeal than boxers. Some styles go a step further – and add an anatomical ‘enhancing’ pouch to the front. This gives you a more natural fit, less squishing for your meat and two veg and a more impressive package. It may sound like witchcraft but it’s actually quite simple – an elasticated ‘horseshoe’ prevents your junk from getting squashed down, allowing it to sit forward instead. Have a look at the enhancing underwear at BANG&STRIKE to see what we mean.

Classic briefs are timeless, and the simplest styles – from major names like Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani – are often the best. They’re reliably comfortable, supportive, and a branded waistband just above your jeans always adds value. Other brands have experimented with colour, diverging from monochrome for something a bit more vivid. One of our favourites is the Diesel Fresh & Bright range, that takes its inspiration from superheroes to create bold and colourful underwear that’s comfortable and appealing.