You’ve got your gym tees and tanks, shorts and sweatpants, trainers and runners. Gym bottle, gym supplements, gym food, and gym apps.

But you’ve got sweaty underwear.

Well now’s your chance to trade in your sticky cotton undies and get breathable – the new Calvin Klein Air FX range is here!

The sports underwear come in two different fabrics with different properties:

Innovative, new Micro Mesh fabric trunks and briefs.

This moisture wicking fabric naturally moves sweat away from your skin to evaporate, cooling you down more rapidly and preventing a build-up of sweat from irritating you or soaking your underwear. The micro mesh Calvin Klein Air FX styles are also breathable – a tightly woven mesh allows air to circulate, keeping you fresh and cool. Pretty nifty.

Comfy microfibre Calvin Klein Air FX.

These briefs use the supportive microfibre fabric instead, with its own moisture wicking properties to reduce sweat irritation and cool you  down. Fast-drying, breathable, and comfortable – the great thing about microfibre styles is how you forget they’re there! Focus more on your workout and less on adjusting yourself with these underwear styles designed specifically with the sportsman in mind.

The range includes briefs in Microfibre and both boxers and briefs in Micro Mesh  – all in black or white with branding on the lightweight waistband. We rank them among some of the most considered underwear designed especially for sport – and from one of the biggest underwear brands out there. Is there any reason not to invest?!


Our latest Calvin Klein Underwear selection is available here!