We’re pretty confident in our cool boy model scouting abilities and we’re excited to present the latest addition; super cool Danish redhead Ken Bek. We had a shoot with him last week and found time to sit down after to find out what makes this model tick.

Hey Ken, thanks for chatting with us. So, tell us a little bit about your background.

Pleasure is all mine – had so much fun shooting with you guys! Well, I’m just a regular guy from a quiet town in the country side in the southern part of Denmark. Im 21 years (young) turning 22 this summer!

You told us on the shoot you were in the National Service for a while, how did that come about? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I have always been very active since i was a little kid. I love to use my body and challenge myself so National Service seemed like a great choice after finishing my studies. I studied psychology for 3 years and then went right into the army for about half a year. It was tough but I loved every moment of it and  made friends in there that I will have for life!

When did you move to England? Was it a conscious decision to get into modelling or was there something else drawing you here?

Actually I’ve always dreamed about going to visit London. I used to watch all the English movies to listen to the accents and to see a bit of fascinating London. I spent 1 year teaching a 5th grader after the army, as a stand in teacher, then I decided a change had to be made. I bought a ticket to London and rented a room in a hostel for 2 weeks.. Now 1 year and 6 months later I’m still here…. guess London is pretty amazing!

How did you first get scouted?

After a few weeks in London I got a job in a juice bar in Soho. I was working one day when a guy called Thomas Knights walked in. He skipped the queue and walked right up to me while I was busy juicing and making people’s orders. All of a sudden he pulls out a calendar with half naked red headed men and shows me while he says “You are a ginger!”.. I was very shocked and I said “Yes…..” he then next asked me to join his Red Hot Campaign featuring red headed men and I responded “No thanks…” It all seemed weird to me and at the time I’d never modelled before in my entire life. He gave me his business card and left. A friend talked me into going and checking it out. Making the Red Hot book cover was the outcome and the photo was the first professional picture in my career. Thomas posted this picture on his fan page the same night we shot it and the day after 4 agencies in London were ready to meet me. Very cool and very overwhelming for a juice boy from a little town in Denmark!

So it opened up a lot of opportunities for you then!

Yes, I was lucky to end up as the cover of the book, front page of the calendar and more or less the face of the campaign! I went to tour with the exhibition to both New York and Sydney! It was truly amazing to see so many people supporting the project and people wanting my signature and photo taken! That was unbelievable! It was also my first time travelling to these places. I made so many friends as well. The photographer Thomas, the other models and people I’ve met touring with the project! I’m also very excited to say that next stop with Red Hot is Berlin, Montreal and maybe Tokyo!

What’s been your biggest campaign/modelling job to date?

It’s hard to say. They are all different in their own ways! I really enjoyed working with Red Hot.. Also for the fashion weeks I’ve walked for Gieves and Hawkes and KTZ who are major designers! Sometimes I get to travel for jobs, those are the best ones!

Who’s been your favourite photographer to work with so far?

Thomas Knights was my first time shooting and he really helped me a lot getting some cool shoots. Another guy who I really got along with, and got some cool images from, is the talented Darren Black.


Who would you love to work with in the future?

Calvin Klein should be a done deal as soon as I go to New York for a longer time, I secured that deal last time in New York! Also brands like Versace or Tom Ford would be an honour!

Give us an overview of your workout regime, how do you keep fit and healthy?

Well, its not rocket science is it? Eat well, work hard, sleep well and love much.

It’s the age old question- boxers or briefs?

Nothing at all.. Or maybe.. It’s classified. 

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would you say?

Neat-freak, happiness, love.

These things matters to me, A LOT! I’m very clean and on point with everything.. the type of person who cooks a meal and washes the dishes before he can enjoy the meal..but oh lord have mercy, then I freaking enjoy the food, a lot..of food! mhm. Happiness is the key in my life.. don’t see any point in spending one single day not happy. Things can get me down, but most of the time there is nothing to do about it and then there is no point being down about it! I’ve always believed in this saying that goes a bit like this “The more grumpy you are, the more grumpy people you will meet”. And LOVE.. The most important thing in this world! I have so much of it to share. For family, friends, my sweetheart and the people I live in this world with! If everybody could just love each other..

What’s next for Ken Bek?

A lot of exciting stuff! NY fashion week in July and touring with Red Hot!