Ahhh, the thong. It’s divided opinions for a long time. Whether you are pro or against, there’s no denying that men’s thongs are a very popular choice. Not only are they stylish but they’re surprisingly comfortable, ensuring your manhood is perfectly secure no matter what activity you’re doing. While a thong may be a revolutionary and modern idea to some, the history of the thong is much more rich, with them dating as far back as history goes.


Before the ‘thong’ we had the loincloth, one of the earliest forms of human clothing. It was developed to protect, support, or hide the male genitals and first documented being worn by mankind in warmer climates nearly 75,000 years ago! Many tribal people wore thongs for centuries, and some still do, with them being more for functional purposes than fashion.

According to some fashion historians, the first public appearance of the fashion thong in the United States was at the 1939 New York World’s Fair and in 1946, Jacques Heim’s and Louis Réard’s original bikini had a culotte with a thong back. The demand died down a little, and up until the 90s, thongs were generally worn by strippers and bodybuilders, but has become much more mainstream.

We have a wide variety of different men’s thongs available from BANG&STRIKE, from sporty and athletic pieces to vibrant and fun styles there’s a thong for everyone! Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of our top choices for this season that will change your mind…

The Rufskin Mens Thong

Ok, so while these are technically swimwear, they are comfortable and versatile enough to be worn all day long.This is a low cut single layered swim thong constructed of a quick drying stretch fabric designed to conform to the wearers unique shape.

They feature a ‘T-back’, contrasting flat lock stitching for improved comfort and a contrast sports eyelet on the front left hip. These would be a great style to choose for holidays, or even for a flexible change to briefs in the gym! You can certainly get more movement out of a thong these days.

The C-IN2 Mens Thong

The Core Y-Back is s a barely there, 100% cotton mens thong with a fully contoured pouch and unique Y-back elastic straps designed to expose the buttocks. They come in three different colorways, all neutral enough to be worn under a multitude of different colours and styles.

The straps are robust yet comfortable, and will ensure that everything is supported and comforted with each move. The styles feature contrast silver C-IN2 branding running the full length of the 4cm thick elasticated waistband.


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