We’re all about stocking the greatest men’s underwear and swimwear brands here at BANG&STRIKE, and we go all around the world to curate an offering that will suit all manner of tastes, preferences and occasions. Luckily with this brand we didn’t have to go too far, just North of England! BOX Menswear was founded by celebrity management agent Luke Mills. He’s took a plunge into the world of men’s underwear, and the results are really impressive. With a boutique range loved by many an influencer over on Box Menswear’s Instagram, we’ve interviewed Luke to find out a little more about him and the future of the brand.
So, tell me a little bit about your background.
I started my working career in McDonalds and my original intention was to go and study medicine. However, I did not get the grade A in Chemistry A Level. I went on to work as a reporter in newspapers and magazines in London for several years and lived there from 19 -25. At age 25, I moved my TV and management company back to Liverpool and started some e-commerce companies alongside it.
What’s the inspiration behind the brand? Where’s the name come from?
I just wanted super duper soft boxer shorts, that you can wear all day. I used to get told off as a kid for putting my hand down my trousers and rearranging my bits and bobs in my boxer shorts as they get all tangled up and uncomfortable and stuff like that, and I wanted something that didn’t do that. The name comes from my mum, because one of the many words for your private parts was your ‘lunch box’. There is a statue above Lewis’s in Liverpool, and the statue is a naked man with his willy hanging out, and she always called that his ‘Lunch Box’.
Who do you envision wearing your brand?
The brand is for absolutely everybody who likes comfort and style. It’s a brand that you should be happy to put on yourself, in the morning or the night. Also, if you happen to take your clothes off in front of somebody, it’s a brand you should be proud to show off. You want the other person to see you wear Box Menswear, in the same way they would some other premium brands. It’s a brand for everybody.
What sets you guys apart from your competition?
Our creativeness. We do a lot of photoshoots with a lot of different people, and we try and be creative and showcase the brand off. We try not to be sexy all the time and try to be fun, but of course, sex sells.
Tell us about the latest collection for 2018
Box is a really limited collection. Therefore, it is hard to say what my favourite piece is. We are working on some new lounge wear, sportswear, active wear.

Sum the brand up in 5 words?

Inclusive, comfortable, supportive, style and modern 

If you could see any celebrity wearing it, who would it be?

Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and David Beckham.

So, what can we expect from future collections?

There are about 25 different items in development. Lots more different styles. We try to be fully creative. The original ones were just black, white and grey. We are not clothing designers over here, so we played it safe. So, the future will be variety, lots more variety.

Where do you see the brand in 5 year’s time?

Still working with Bang & Strike. I buy my own underwear from Bang & Strike a lot of the time. Also, we recognise that after the UK the US is our biggest market, so some sort of presence over there.

Quick Fire Round

 Favourite Summer Destination? : Thailand all year round. I am to be found at a Kick boxing and MME camp a lot.

 Favourite Summer Drink? : Disaronno

 Favourite Summer Sound? : Used to be the school bell to go home! But I don’t know what that is now.

 Favourite Summer Style? :White and bright. I like to mix something light with something bright. It always works.

 Favourite Summer Activity? : In the park with my friends, alcohol and different activities.

And finally…

Boxers or Briefs?

It is always Boxers