Earlier this year we focused on enhancing underwear and why you need some, but did you know that enhancements aren’t limited to just underwear, oh no. You can get enhancing swimwear too! After all, going on a summer holiday and strutting your stuff in swim shorts can sometimes be a daunting thing, why wouldn’t you want a helping hand? We’ve rounded up the best styles of enhancing swimwear available at BANG&STRIKE. So let’s dive in shall we?!…


The wearer of this swimwear style would definitely have to be a daredevil! It’s low cut waistband with barely there straps could seem tricky, but if you’re not one to shy away then why not try this N2N brief this Summer? It’s lightweight fabric makes it feel as if you’re not wearing anything at all, but rest assured it maintains your modesty! It’s cut with their ‘nhance’ pouch design to maximise your package. The hot orange colour is contrasted against dark grey or light grey binding and the style even comes in a popping purple.

The ES Collection Romenberg Swim Boxer is an athletic cut in a crisp white with dark blue and lime green accents. Made from a waffle textured stretch fabric with ES Collection’s unique Pack UP Enhancing cup in the pouch. This boosts the size of your assets and can be removed and reinserted as required!

The Federation brief is a smaller offering from ES Collection. It too features the Pack UP removable pouch, and the style also comes in red. The drawstring at the waistband allows you to tighten and loosen the brief for your comfort, perfect when you’re indulging on ice cream at the beach. They also feature crossed binding with metal studs at the hip. X marks the spot after all!

It wouldn’t be an enhancing post without Andrew Christian appearing. The American brand is known for pushing boundaries, with their flamboyant yet distinctive underwear and swimwear, and their provocative and often controversial Youtube video campaigns! This varsity swim trunk is a sporty take on swimwear, inspired by American Jocks (the athletes, not the underwear!) The Show-It enhancement is created by adding a curved piece of fabric to the inner pouch of the trunk where it meets the body. When putting the swimwear on you lift your package over this piece of fabric and into the pouch which gives you an exaggerated appearance!

Addicted’s swimwear range this season is bold, bright, sporty and sexy. These swim briefs featured a belted aspect to the waistband and subtle Addicted branding to the side of the hip. There is a contoured pouch which is not only emphasised by the technology within but by the contrasting coloured strip from the waistband down! These also feature a removable foam cup to boost your package and comes in the above colours plus a black and lime green. There is a bold Addicted logo on the rear of all the trunks.


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