With the rise in all things retro on the catwalk, it’s no surprise that underwear trends follow suit. Over the past few years, there’s been a turn to fashionable underwear, sometimes overthrowing functionality. We are of course talking about the button fly, which seems to be a rarity on many an underwear range in the past few years. It is, however, making a huge comeback, you can quote us on that! They were originally popularised by Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Whalberg in THOSE Calvin Klein campaigns and had a good run in fashion for a while before becoming second best to smaller, tighter, more fashionable underwear styles.

A button fly is of course primarily there for the most basic of function. To assist you at the loo! But it is getting a little more fashionable, with coloured buttons and branding emblazoned metal eyelets. In fact, it’s often come to the case where a fly is used as a creative addition, rather than the reason for purchasing. Whether you decide to take fashion over function though is entirely at your preference. There’s even a thread over on Reddit full of men asking the age old question regarding button fly boxers- do you actually use the hole? Our favourite answer has got to be ‘Nope, it just seems more awkward than slinging my schlong over the waistband.’ Absolutely fair enough we say!

There is an argument to say that button fly boxers are more comfortable. With those buttons and button holes comes extra fabric, and with extra fabric comes more room for your member. But again, that’s personal preference as some men like their underwear to be tight and supportive, and others loose and comfortable. The fly can be featured on both of course, but ultimately there will be just that touch more swing-room (yes we made that up!) than on a boxer without the opening.

Whatever your stance on the button fly, whether you’d use it or eschew it, we’ve bought into the trend, and now you can too! The new Hugo Boss Original Button Fly Boxer comes in classic black or white and features the Hugo Boss to the waistband. Made from 100% pure cotton rib, these boxers are ultra comfy and are designed to sit on the hips with a classic masculine cut as well as featuring a fully functioning fly!